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A domain name is the truest form of our authenticity online, in the meta, Web3 and beyond. It makes the first impression upon a visit, and should be worth remembering to easily come back to.

Creating a brand identity and then securing its perfect domain name match is a challenge. The Genuine Domains collection meets this with bold web address solutions ready for today's demand and poised for tomorrow's change.

Want to make one yours? Reach out to Genuine Domains to discover exciting opportunities for your internet presence. These domains enjoy a happy home here, but a moving interest is welcome anytime. Just ask!


Genuine Domains is a premium collection of web3, emoji and traditional web names. These domain names are designed using keywords with natural readability and enduring impact.

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Ben James specializes in digital properties for growth and development. He resides in the Golden Horseshoe area of Canada. Ben has been trusted with excellence in the domain name arena since 2016.